Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ritual of Solitude

Its purpose is self-renewal and this is accomplished by spending time alone, immersed in the beautiful blanket of silence. Solitude and quiet connects you to your creative source and releases the limitless intelligence of the Universe.

 Simply taking the time to be still and quiet every day, the lake of the mind becomes as smooth as a plate of glass. This inner quietness brings with it a wealth of benefits including a deep sense of well-being, inner peace and boundless energy. You will even sleep better and enjoy a renewed feeling of balance in your day-to-day activities."

 A place of solitude can be behind your office doors or bedroom; - a place of true quiet — and beauty. Beautiful images soothe a ruffled soul. A bouquet of roses or a simple, solitary daffodil will have a highly salutary effect on your senses and relax you no end. Ideally, you should savor such beauty in a space that will serve as a Sanctuary of the Self.

 Having a silent place to go to when you come home from work would make a world of difference. It will help decompress for a while and let go of the stresses of the day and probably make me you a much nicer person to be around.

 The Ritual of Solitude works best when you practice it at the same time every day. Because then it becomes integrated into your routine as a ritual. By practicing it at the same time every day, a daily dose of silence will soon become a habit that you will never neglect. And positive life habits inevitably guide you to your destiny (how about that?).

 Additionally, commune with nature daily, a quick walk through the woods or even a few minutes spent cultivating your tomato garden in the backyard will reconnect you to the well spring of calm that may now be dormant within you.
 Being with nature also allows you to tune in to the infinite wisdom of your highest self. This self-knowledge will move you into the uncharted dimensions of your personal power.

 The ritual of Solitude and communing with nature has unbounded outcome; a deep sense of inner harmony and an abundance of physical energy.

 (Adopted from the book’ The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’)

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