Friday, 6 September 2013

Living in the Present

Most of the time we sleep running a film of all that happened in a day. When we wake up the film continues.Imagine a life where you took a day a time,every day is special-:

-with a new date
-new occurrences
-you meet new people
-visit new places,new events 
-something new is invented
-new tasks come up
-new employees join an organization
-bosses change
-new babies are born,the list is endless.

Every new day comes with everything new.

Living in the past or the future is giving up your personal power.When we don't live in the now, we give up our life,we surrender our power to create.We can only change aspects in our life now,what happens in the past can only be forgotten the past is already gone.Worrying about the future, is living somewhere that doesn’t exist, its yet to happen. As the adage goes change is the only constant thing in life,and to change our lives its only possible in the now with a prerequisite of accepting life as it is.

I have realized i cannot change my past by thinking about it over and over again.The future will not be exactly as i imagined it. Knowing this helps me practice living in the present.I am work in progress though,learning to appreciate my thoughts and not becoming all them,sometimes i fantasize,i stop and take a breath(relax in the rush that life is),i am learning how to meditate especially with music on, and that act mindfulness-taking stock of my thoughts and sifting through them.

Thus let yesterday be the past, today the present we focus on, and tomorrow a future yet to happen. Living a day at time makes life simple and sweet.

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