Friday, 4 November 2011


Recently I have heard my peers (ladies) complain that one of their friend was sidelining them since she felt she had become ‘classy’. Being the observant person , I asked them what is ‘classy’ according to them and I realized all they thought was class was wrong. To me being of class doesn't  mean being well bred and having money. It's more in the attitude than the clothes.
A woman with class carries herself high, but isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.She dresses well and is discreet.She is well-spoken, and mannered, gracious, modest, and has a presence about her that has nothing to do with what label she is wearing or what car she drives. A classy woman is someone who respects herself enough to do what she wishes , takes pride in who she is and what she looks like.

It’s how you act, how you carry yourself, how you express yourself and how you live your life that determines class. You got to have interesting thoughts, opinions, views and being able to share and challenge ideas and be an engaging company
Class, is uniqueness, knowing you, being able to consider all points of view and form an intelligent response. I think class, is your own style, how you go about things, how you deal with chaos. Perception, intuition, integrity, generally the all rounded modest woman is what I would call classy..
Hence a classy woman has the following characteristics:

Style – a classy dresser, adorns business/casual look simple well fitting dress clean cut in Simple straight colors like white, black, blue;well natural cool colours.

Feminine in nature – a classy is proud to be a woman. She recognizes the differences between men and women ,appreciates them and is able to fall in love and enjoy great romance.

EleganceElegance is the manner in which a woman carries her self in all aspects like they way she speaks, movement and body language, tone of voice, the way she stands /sits, and responds to other people around her. Elegance is a piece of work, traits you acquire from birth naturally, interpersonal skills stem from upbringing, from friends and acquaintances .Thus one who admires elegance must work at it.

Hygiene – A classy woman gonna be clean, smells fresh, does not belch  in public.This is easy to attain.

Subtlety–Subtlety implies a degree of moderation, lack of flamboyance, lack of impulse to attract attention, and generally not trying too hard. A subtle woman has style but she doesn’t look like a designer model; uses perfume and make up in moderation; talks just enough  and has a pleasant laugh;simply said her confidence sells her .

Modest and Humble –A classy woman lets her actions speak out for her.

Pride – a classy knows which battles to pick and which ones to walk away from.  She is not abusive or mean , knows there is always a better way to deal with nasty situations. She is calm and collected.

Being a classy woman is indeed a piece of work, you do not wake up one day and decide to call yourself classy because you started earning that big salary,or got a rich husband nope, you work to being that classy woman who will appeal and attract all.


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