Wednesday, 9 November 2011


All of us at some time have felt discouraged, depressed, had the blues and felt like miserable failures.Those times when you feel like nothing is going right; nobody is listening; and nobody cares. That feeling that you are doing things the right way yet everythig is fall apart.
I just realised that the  greatest producer of discouragement are  broken dreams - broken promises – failed goals,devastating results, eroded hope. Discouragement sets in when we get tired (fatigue), when we are overwhelmed and when we are scared of failure.
But in this life there is always a way out.When those negative thoughts of impeding failure come,stop and re-organize the whole process,re-evaluate its value and impact and go down memory lane (remember)  to see that all the success in the past were preceded by instances of failure , thus do not stop trying until you get there.

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