Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The last thing you should loose is hope………

September is a very important month to me, it’s the month I was born and this September on top of celebrating my birthday I found ‘love’. This September had the good, the great, the bad and the ugly.

1.       I celebrated my birthday.
September 1st or is it 2nd I celebrated my birthday. There was no party, but the last three birthdays I have celebrated this included have been very intense for me. May be because of my age, where a day is so little its over before it actually starts, Christmas comes too soon, call it age.

2.       I found new love
Yes I said it, I found love. This man I first saw on  a night in September 2010,he made an impression and for the first time I actually was the hunter here(yes, yes, me with all my introversion and conservatism).I  had  to seek him out because I met him in a situationship of misrepresentation, as such he would  never have looked my way. Persistence here paid off and to say the least he is a gentleman. It’s a relationship that is unorthodox but Mary decided to live a happy life, this man being in my life is a part of my current happiness.

  3. Westgate terror attack
This was the Ugly of September, 21st precisely some loonies decided our peaceful Nairobi was their cowardice target. We lost lives, many were injured ,many of us are still seeking closure. It’s those incidences that are a horror movie wished away sooner that it comes.We survived it and we hope justice prevails, culprits punished and pray that very soon terrorism will be a thing of the past.

4.       Peanuts hike
For those of us who are employed salary reviews are a norm. Surprisingly as the third quarter came to an end my employer decided to review salaries. I have never been disappointed this much. Mostly because this is an office I have handled the last one year and truth be told I have done an impeccable job. Secondly a gentleman’s agreement was not honored, a promise of a review that never was. May be the reason my boat is already on sale because I got to learn to sail with out it.

Lessons learnt.

Life goes on ; every time a new calendar year is unveiled I will definitely celebrate my birthday for as long us am still breathing. The days will roll on everyday whether I am putting any life into them or not.

Persistence pays at times ; My new love almost slipped off my fingers, what worked is that I stated my intentions, pressed the buttons severally(the daring side of me) and prompted a decision and here we are, for starters this guy buys me chocolate(that is a big deal for me, all those I dated before never did)

Tragedies are inevitable and life is too short ; The terror attack was horrific, an experience we will live to tell tales of. Remember to be in touch with those who matter to you, life can be snapped off us anytime.

Nothing should be done out of fear ; I landed my current job in very unfortunates situations. Truth be told sometimes I know I made a wrong decision here. I was afraid I might not get another job soon, and how can I stay without employment and I got bills to pay.

Above all we should not loose hope; this is what I am hanging on now (been very low on motivation, I guess I hang on to illusions too much this time). Life continues to bless me with more days, I have found love, many people survived the Westgate attack, and I still have my job a bridge to transit to the next level.

Welcome October and please bring in sweet tidings my way, I know I am still hanging on to September but with hope October is going to be brilliant.

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