Monday, 14 October 2013

Do Something about It

Taking action in our lives around the things that shape our being is very satisfying. The simple fact that you are doing something about the things that matter to you brings joy, it’s that first step to living a happier life, the first step to achieving those goals and dreams we set for ourselves.  
Health: when you step on the weighing scale and it shocks you! You visit the doctor for a check up and he says you gotta stop eating! Talking from a personal experience here, recently I visited the doctor and my concern being consistent weight gain and since am on meds I was seeking advice on what I should drop or what to do about the weight. The doctor left me no choice, these meds are my life line all he said was, Mary stop eating! Not in the literal here but he told me I had to loose weight by managing my meds and my eating habits. I am happy now, not that I have achieved my target to loose 16kilos but because I am actually doing something about it, being on a healthy diet and walking regularly and its paying dividends.
Career: A career is a chosen pursuit, what we wake up every day looking forward to, and I am not talking about that job you are stuck in because you got to pay your bills, that other thing you do that is your purpose here. I am currently on career transition, I got a day job but that is not my career. I am happy that I have engaged a career coach towards my next level, I want to inspire lives through my daily life, I want to be a life and career coach, I want to be a recruiter because I believe we are all good and meant to do something we just need to find it and we will be home.
Family: I got a family, me and my daughter and my siblings. Imagine how blessed I am, I have the joy of living with my two sisters and a nephew I have brought up since the day he was born. Recently I had been holding a grudge towards my father; he refused to take an offer we his kids offered him. But I realized that this was drawing me far way from him and I came to a decision that I will call him regularly not for a specific thing, not to nag him any more but to keep in touch in a bid to rebuild that strained relationship. Remember in life we do not have these people around us forever, you’ll never know how much they mean to you until the day they are no longer beside you
Relationships: My focus here is those relationships other than our families. Recently I got acquainted to a man I have admired for at least three years.We are together now, persistence paid off, when I wanted to give up I would write that last message and Alas he was also thinking about it and we are on.
Finances: We all are want financial independence. If you Google this term there will be as many solutions and strategies as there are successes and failures in this area. What I have learnt is to have a personal strategy and implement it peace meal and as time and years go by you will realize how much portfolio you will have build along the way. There is never enough money to save, not enough for that big investment but it can be done when we look at the big picture and make personal small sacrifices.

At the end of the day the adage when you do not plan you plan to fail stands. Do something however little about those things that model your life. That step/action taken everyday gives us the motivation to pursue the big dream.

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