Thursday, 29 August 2013

When a Friendship Dies

In life not all situations allow us to make lemonade from lemons.Like when a friendship ends with no known reason.That time in your life when a door slams in the heart to a dead friendship;this is one thing that really hurts(i believe am not the only one who feels this way).

I am not talking about those friendships of proximity,you know the ones that formed because we went to the same church,we lived in the same neighborhood,went to the same school and shared classrooms . These friends were important and sometimes i miss them especially when this adult life gets lonely(it does sometimes)

I remember one friend from primary school,we shared a seat since she joined our school in class five,we went to different high schools but still kept in touch,fate brought us together once again,we went to the same college.I  was a happy girl(happy that life had brought my friend back to proximity) but our connection this time had gone .As i went through college i always wondered why she choose different friends,for some reason,our choices changed,from the courses we took,our friends and lifestyles and even after college despite trying to reunite again,it has not worked-i miss her a lot but it does not hurt -we took different  paths hence the drifting,

What keeps me wondering  is the end of a  mature friendship,that one person who became my life sister(brother). The one i told all those personal stories.When such a friend suddenly leaves its like losing an arm.You know waking up one day and they are gone,no goodbye,no explanation and all the questions that follow.What did i do wrong? Did is say something that i was not meant to say? Its even worse when you query them and all they say, there is no problem.Yet the drift is visible,she never calls or receives a call,not even a whats up,texts and emails go unanswered.....These are the friendships that hurt,ending without an explanation,without a goodbye, yet this person had crossed the line,you thought they were here for the whole stretch, to the rest of our lives.

Trying to understand the human psychology in ending friendships without a goodbye.(huh). Personally closure is very important for me ,I believe its important for all us .

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