Friday, 28 October 2011

Emotional intelligence

At the verge of a break down,my boss one day told me,your IQ is very high one of the best ,but your problem lies with how you handle your emotions.She went ahead to explain that researchers,writers and scholers are giving alot of emphasis on emotional intelligence as a key player for success in all facets of our lives including careers.This gave me a spark and i would say i am better now,not yet there but the journey is great and with awesome results.
Although  intelligence quotinet(IQ)  is important to success in life, emotional intelligence is key to relating well to others and achieving your goals. Many people believe that emotional intelligence is at least as important as regular intelligence, and many companies now use EI testing to hire new staff.
Emotional intelligence is an awareness of your actions and feelings – and how they affect those around you. It also means that you value others, listen to their wants and needs, and are able to empathize or identify with them on many different levels
What's your emotional intelligence?
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