Friday, 9 September 2011


Try this on for size today just as an experiment.  Write down all the big things you have to do and resolve to finish them by lunchtime.See what all the big stuff is that you have to do and just see if you can do it all by lunchtime so you have the rest of the afternoon to wind down, relax, catch up on all those other little things.  

If you put a time limit like that, in essence, cutting off your work day by half,you might be surprised at just how productive you are as the thought of a relatively stress free afternoon entices you.Maybe you finish right before lunch and it's quality work.

Maybe you can't finish it all before lunch but maybe you do finish it one hour after lunch.The point is, we often think we don't have that much time to do stuff, but we do,and the only way we'll know is if we shorten the amount of time we give ourselvesso we can see what kind of horsepower engine is really under our "productivity hood".

Try it and see what comes about for you.
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