Thursday, 8 January 2015

Insights to Inspire: Today I read

Ø  A life is measured in decades. A good life is like the flame of a bonfire. It builds slowly, and because it's slow and warm it caresses the heart instead of destroying it.

Ø  A life is measured by what you did TODAY, even this moment.

Ø  Focus is not important, but Push is (reinvention). Compound life is much more powerful than compound interest
Ø  Give without thinking of what you will receive-It doesn't matter how you give each day. It doesn't even matter how much. But everyone wanted to give and eventually they were given back.

Ø  Solving hard problems is more important than overcoming failure. It's how you view the life inside you that creates the life outside of you. Every day.

Ø  Art and success and love is about connecting all the dots. - The very personal sadness sitting inside of you. The things you learn. The things you read about. The things you love. Connect the dots. Give it to someone. Now you just gave birth to a legacy that will continue beyond you.
Ø  It’s not business, it's personal. - Nobody succeeded with a great idea. Everyone succeeded because they built networks within networks of connections, friends, and colleagues all striving towards their own personal goals, all trusting each other, and working together to help each other succeed.

Ø  You can't predict the outcome, you can only do your best.

Ø  The same philosophy of life should work for an emperor and a slave. You can't predict pleasure or pain. You can only strive for knowledge and giving and fairness and health each day. Luck is certainly a component, but in chess there's a saying (and this applies to anything) "it's funny how always the best players seem to be lucky."

Ø  The only correct path is the path correct for you. - Don't let other people choose your careers. Don't get locked in other people's prisons they've set up just for you. Personal freedom starts from the inside but ultimately turns you into a giant, freeing you from the chains the little people spent years tying around you.

Ø  Many moments of small, positive, personal interactions build an extraordinary career. Often people think that you have to fight your way to the top. But for everyone I spoke to, it was small kindnesses over a long period of time that built the ladder to success. I think I'm starting to sound like a cliche on this. But it's only a cliche because it's true.

Ø  Taking care of yourself comes first.

Ø  The final answer: People do end up loving what they succeed at, or they succeed at what they love.

Ø  Anybody, at any age-Success is different for all the successful, their stories different, their ages different but bottom line they are all successful and got lessons we can learn form

Courtesy of James Altucher

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